Essential Considerations When Designing and Ordering Bespoke Jerseys for School Sports Teams

Essential Considerations When Designing and Ordering Bespoke Jerseys for School Sports Teams

1 April 2021
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As the sports director of a school, sports kit design falls directly under your docket. Kit design is a critical task because performance partly hinges on the choice of a sports jersey. Most people think that the primary purpose of sports kits is to differentiate one team from another. While sports jerseys accomplish the objective, it is not the only reason for designing bespoke kits. Comfort, aesthetics and personality are crucial aspects of bespoke kit design. Therefore, a sports director must pay attention when sourcing bespoke kits. Here are essential considerations when procuring bespoke jerseys for a school team.

Cost-Effective Bulk Runs -- Athletes prefer bespoke kits because they are designed with unique physiques in mind. Thus, it takes time to design and produce bespoke kits for a whole team. Consequently, bespoke kits tend to cost relatively more. Therefore, instead of requesting custom-made sports jerseys for a single squad -- say a football team -- you should place an order for several teams. It brings down the cost of designing and producing bespoke kits due to economies of scale, ensuring that you stay within a budget.

Colour Psychology -- Sports teams usually adopt their institutions' colours in the official jersey. While there is nothing wrong with the approach, flexibility is critical. A lot goes into a jersey's colour selection exercise, and your choice can influence perception, motivation and performance. For instance, red is associated with aggression, and it gives the impression that a team is highly aggressive and assertive. It can be an advantage in sports such as football and rugby. Therefore, although you can include a school's official colours on jerseys, do not forget the influence of colour psychology when designing bespoke kits. Select colours that contribute to your team's positive performance.

Supplier's Sizing Chart -- If a jersey does not fit right, it is not bespoke. Therefore, it is essential to nail the sizing for each athlete once the design phase is complete. Most suppliers have a sizing chart that sports directors can refer to when placing orders. You have to look at a sizing chart carefully to ensure that each player understands the unit of measure. The reason is that some suppliers use the metric system, while others prefer the imperial system of measurements. Using a system that each player understands increases the possibility of kits fitting snugly, enhancing comfort and contributing to performance.

To learn more, contact a bespoke sports team kit building service.

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