Streetwear Style Tips for Young Women

Streetwear Style Tips for Young Women

26 March 2021
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Mention the word streetwear among friends, and they will tell you the first thing that popped in their mind was a teenager in baggy shirts and denim trousers. While it was the image slightly over two decades ago, it is no longer the case. Streetwear has evolved significantly, and women can comfortably wear the style without looking out of place. For many young women, a relaxed, comfortable feel is perfect for the weekend, and streetwear achieves the look. That said, putting together a streetwear look requires attention to detail. This article highlights streetwear style tips for young women.

Go Silent With Logos 

Major brands in streetwear fashion understand the value of limited editions. Rather than manufacture streetwear that one can find in stores throughout the year, some brands create limited editions and sell them in specific places over a certain period. Major brands use the strategy to maintain brand awareness, loyalty and interest. While there is nothing wrong with garments with screaming logos, streetwear with silent logos is a better option. Therefore, find t-shirts with logos on the bottom hem or just above the shoulder sleeve. A key benefit of silent logo streetwear is anonymity.

Mix Function With Fashion 

Mixing streetwear with one's regular wardrobe was unheard of before. However, mixing streetwear with everyday functional clothes is picking up rapidly. For instance, if you want to go out to your favourite bar, you can easily pair heels with sweatpants and a sports bra. The paring guarantees maximum comfort, especially during summer, while maintaining some level of sophistication. Basically, keep an eye on streetwear pieces that go together with stylish and chic clothes. Furthermore, be careful about accessorising blended streetwear style. For example, you can wear a monochromatic bracelet with heels and a sports bra. The right piece of jewellery helps balance out the overall blended streetwear look.

Wear White Sneakers 

Streetwear is not a style if you leave sneakers out. However, it does not mean that you must always wear your sneakers whenever you feel like putting together a streetwear look. Simply knowing that you have sneakers makes it much easier to pull the right look for the right occasion. You can choose from a myriad of sneaker designs and colours. However, white sneakers always come out on top. The sneakers are simple and go well with any streetwear style you choose.

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