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Essential Considerations When Designing and Ordering Bespoke Jerseys for School Sports Teams

1 April 2021
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As the sports director of a school, sports kit design falls directly under your docket. Kit design is a critical task because performance partly hinges on the choice of a sports jersey. Most people think that the primary purpose of sports kits is to differentiate one team from another. While sports jerseys accomplish the objective, it is not the only reason for designing bespoke kits. Comfort, aesthetics and personality are crucial aspects of bespoke kit design. Read More …

Streetwear Style Tips for Young Women

26 March 2021
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Mention the word streetwear among friends, and they will tell you the first thing that popped in their mind was a teenager in baggy shirts and denim trousers. While it was the image slightly over two decades ago, it is no longer the case. Streetwear has evolved significantly, and women can comfortably wear the style without looking out of place. For many young women, a relaxed, comfortable feel is perfect for the weekend, and streetwear achieves the look. Read More …

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